From trainings to programing, from tool kits to book sets – Fair and Factual is here to support teachers, empower parents, and uplift student voices.

We are adding to our resource lists weekly

If you need help with resources that are not yet listed on our site, please reach out to us at 
We’d love to help!

Resources can include links to existing programs and organizations, information on how to navigate pieces of the school systems, how to better connect within your school community, holding trainings, town halls, and speaker series events.

How can we help?

What resources are we creating?


  • Empowering parents to communicate with their school district in support of inclusive education with resources and trainings.
  • Themed box kits to bring the learning home – each kit is themed and includes, books, an art project, family question sheet, and a surprise gift.
  • Digital Tool kit to help organize local support of the FAIR Act
  • Speaker Series to as part of community conversations



  • Connecting districts with teacher trainings opportunities
  • Programing
  • Donating needed materials
  • Book Donations



  • Collecting / Delivering period supplies for students
  • Student Art Projects to give a voice to student experience
  • Partnerships with organizations to empower students to continue learning, outside the classroom
  • Hosting Students Speaker Panels for peer-to-peer conversation, teaching, and healing

Join our research team!

A wonderful way to support our work is to sign up as a volunteer researcher with Fair and Factual. The work is flexible, done virtually, based on your available time, and has major impacted on our school communities.


We have a list of items that need to be researched, once you have been approved, you sign up for the pieces that you would like to research. Share with us what information you find, along with helpful link you identify, and we then share out to our communities.