Representation in Education

A Few Words About Us

What are we about?

Mission based action driven

Our goal is to create fair representation and factual curriculum through community action and partnerships with educators. There is a clear need for more support of marginalized students within the educational system. Through resources, partnerships, and thoughtful conversation we can come together in respect and understanding, building a safe and welcoming learning environment.​

Fair + Factual is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (EIN 46-1323531). All donations made to SGF on behalf of Fair + Factual are 100% tax-deductible.


Mission Statement

Fair + Factual works to uphold state-supported inclusive programming that ensures equity for all families and students through greater understanding and representation. We work throughout the state of California and beyond to share resources, key learnings and up-to-date information on education and advocacy. 

We seek to build relationships with schools, communities, representatives and institutions to foster open communication and better understanding for FAIR implementation.


Fair + Factual aspires to offer non-partisan and unbiased action-items to support public schools and their work in providing an equitable learning experience for all students in correlation with the FAIR Act. 


Our Team

Who we are

Our team includes 

  • Education Inclusivity Consultant
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • College Counselors
  • High School Counselors
  • Masters in multiple areas of education/teachers
  • Communication Professionals
  • School Administrators
  • Parents of Students with Disabilities
  • ADHD Expert
  • Historian
  • Financial Lawyer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Dyslexia Expert
  • Leaders in Racial Healing training
  • Parents of students that identify as LGBTQ

Connect with us

For general inquires you can reach us at

Jasmine Partida

Co-Director and Fundraising

Adrien Pocklington

Co-Director and Treasurer

Twiana Armstrong-Bryant


Melissa Ross


Our community actions include

  • Themed Resource Kits for Schools
  • Toolkits for Parent Groups
  • Book Donations for School Libraries
  • Panel Discussions with Partner Organizations
  • Raising Money to Clear Student Lunch Debit
  • Bring Programming to Schools
  • Health and Wellness Events
  • Student Art Projects
  • Facilitating Community Listening Meetings

connect with us

Interested in partnering with Fair + Factual or joining us in a volunteer capacity? We’d love to hear from you.